“The 15th Antiphon” by A Glass Darkly

The first release from former members of The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus is in support of Ukrainian refugees.

Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine back in February 2022, launching a war and instigating a humanitarian crisis that’s gripped the world, numerous artists have pledged their support for the Ukrainian people. The latest to do so is A Glass Darkly, a new project from Jon Egan, a founding member of The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. That should tell you all you need to know about “The 15th Antiphon,” musically speaking.

Joined by cellist Lizzie Elliot (who has also performed with RAIJ) and vocalist Alison Sailer, Egan crafts a solemn and otherworldly mix of harmonium drones, sweeping strings, and ethereal vocals. All of which feel quite apropos for the trio’s rendition of an Orthodox Christian hymn that’s sung on Good Friday in memory of Christ’s Passion. As Egan puts it:

The piece was our response to the appalling humanitarian crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine and the suffering that is being endured by so many innocent people. The words of the Antiphon have a direct applicability to what is happening in Ukraine and its devastating and tragic impact.

For Orthodox Christians every human person is a Living Icon of Christ and every innocent death and act of violence is therefore another Golgotha.

The above video was recorded live in the Orthodox Church of St Elizabeth the New Martyr, Wallasey, England. All proceeds from “The 15th Antiphon” will go to support Habitat for Humanity’s work with Ukrainian refugees.

As for future recordings, A Glass Darkly is currently working on additional projects with other RAIJ members.

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