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That’s when I arrived home from Cornerstone 2001 and the post-Cornerstone funk began to set in. Already, it seems like a dream. Where do I begin? The amazing Ester Drang set? All of the cool people I met (and re-met)? The fact that S.S. Bountyhunter tortured a man on stage during their show? The fact that Saturday was hotter than the pits of Hell?

I guess you’ll just have to be checking back in the next couple of weeks as I start adding content to the Cornerstone 2001 section. I hope to have some photos and show reviews up later this week.

Before I take a long shower and collapse into bed, I just want to give big love to all of the people I met and got to talk to over the past few days. Some I’d know from previous festivals, others I just ran into this year. Even though I saw some amazing concerts and heard some good speakers, the fellowship is always the reason why I go to Cornerstone. And God knows there was quite a bit of that this year.

BTW… if you have any photos or stories from this year’s fest that you’d like to share, send them our way. We’d love to put them up for everyone to see.

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