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A Dead Can Dance Limited Edition Tour Release

I’ve written about The Show’s superior Dead Can Dance concert releases before. Well, they’re currently in the process of recording and mastering Dead Can Dance’s current North American tour (which wraps up tomorrow, October 12th, in Chicago). And to celebrate the event, they’re releasing a very limited edition vinyl-only release of the final show.

The release will be 3 records, all pressed on heavy duty 180g vinyl, and each release will be numbered and autographed by hand by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Only 500 copies will be made, and one will set you back $100 (plus $12 for shipping). The vinyl release will go on sale October 12, and will probably arrive in your mailbox 10 weeks or so later.

The Show is currently taking orders for their standard two-disc Dead Can Dance releases from the tour (those will just set you back $30, which includes shipping). Single show releases are still available, but the “all 8 shows” set is sold out, as is the Selections From Europe release. Good thing I got my copy when I did.

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