A Sort of Homecoming

It’s official: as of last week, Simon’s residence is now Opus HQ. Even though it’s been a few days now, we’re still getting used to not having to trundle off to the hospital every night to be there in time for his evening feeding. But more importantly, we’re still getting used to having this little person around all day, every day. Not that we would change anything, mind you.

On a related note, we’ve been incredibly humbled by the continued outpouring of support and good will, be it Renae’s mom coming down for a few days to manage the house while we learn to manage Simon, some generous gifts from my co-workers, or folks from church supplying us with many amazing meals. (You’ll never know how much you appreciate real, honest-to-God home cooking until you’ve subsisted on hospital food for the better part of six weeks.)

In its own way, it’s incredibly convicting, especially that last bit. We’ve often seen e-mails come across the church mailing list about some expectant family and think “We ought to do something for them”, only to let the opportunity pass us by. Suffice to say, now that we’ve gone through this, we realize exactly how big of a blessing a little thing like a home-cooked meal really is — and I expect we’ll be a little more proactive in that department.

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