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A Thought or Two

Aaron has some solid things to say in his most recent blog posting. I’ll have to admit that I often feel pretty overwhelmed with the current state of affairs these days. It seems like everyday I read or hear something else that really shakes my faith in our current leadership (not that there was much there to begin with). Abuse of power, lies, manipulation… of course, I’m not expecting any government to be completely on the level, as deception is one the essential political tools.

It bothers me how willingly so many Americans just accept the things that our government does, and are completely willing to sweep stuff under the rug. As long as we can keep driving our SUVs and watching our “American Idol”, everything’s great, despite the evidence that we have been deceived by a fair amount.

So what brought this on? Well, how about this article, for starters? Or this one? Or this one? Or this one?

I don’t expect any government to be completely forthcoming. But you’d think you could expect a bit more from a government that tries to act so righteous.

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