AnimEigo Launches Their Macross II Kickstarter Campaign

And it’s nearly doubled their initial goal after just a few days.
Macross II

For decades, the Macross franchise has been hounded by legal issues that have prevented its titles from being released here in the States. But in April 2021, those issues were finally resolved, meaning that numerous Macross titles could now be legally distributed in the States, some of them for the first time.

The first of these releases will be Macross II: Lovers Again. Originally released in 1992, Macross II actually exists outside Macross canon. Instead, it’s technically a sequel to 1984’s Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, which occurs in an alternate timeline. Although it’s one of the weaker entries in the Macross franchise, Macross II does boast some impressive mechanical designs, including one of my favorite Valkyrie designs of all time: the VF-2SS Valkyrie II.

Macross II is being released by AnimEigo, which has previously released such classics as Bubblegum Crisis and Otaku no Video, and they recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to support their efforts. Said campaign has nearly doubled their goal, raising almost $150,000 to date. As of right now, AnimEigo’s release of Macross II will include the following:

  • All 6 episodes of Macross II in HD with Japanese audio on a region-free Blu-ray disc
  • Three types of English subtitles: regular colored subtitles, colored SDH subtitles, and SDH captions
  • A Japanese commentary featuring Tomita Sukehiro (Story Editor/Screenwriter), Mikimoto Haruhiko (Character Design), and Sasaki Shiro (Music Producer)
  • A Japanese commentary featuring Takayama Tsutomu (voice of Hibiki Kanzaki), Kasahara Hiroko (voice and singing voice of Ishtar), and Toma Yumi (voice of Silvie Gena)
  • Clean opening and ending credits sequences
  • List of all Kickstarter backers on the disc
  • Booklet containing interviews with Takanashi Minoru, Tomita Sukehiro, Mikimoto Haruhiko, Yatagai Ken’ichi, Honda Yasunori, and Sasaki Shiro
  • Folded printed insert containing a poster on one side and a list of backers on the other
  • Reversible cover slip

Other bonuses include a deluxe artbook, an embroidered patch, and artwork by Mikimoto Shikishi. Additional stretch goals are being planned, depending on feedback, and AnimEigo is also considering an English dub and even upgrading Macross II to 4K. As for a release date, AnimEigo is tentatively aiming for December 2024.

In other Macross-related news, Anime Limited will be releasing their edition of Macross Plus in early 2024. However, there are still no timeframes for Nozomi Entertainment’s releases of Macross 7, Macross Frontier, and Macross Delta.

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