Announcing Red Bicycle

Some of you may not know this, but I’m actually the vice president of a corporation (Red Bicycle, Inc., in case you’re curious). Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that I get to ride around in limos or receive any Federal bailout funds. But it does mean that I get to launch a brand new website.

Now, admittedly, this website should’ve been launched about a year ago, but various factors — including my own obsessive-compulsiveness — caused the delay. Which led to some urgency to have something online since Opus no longer houses my portfolio. You see, for a long time, I’ve had nothing to send to prospective clients and interested parties except a list of links via e-mail. Which is certainly functional, but it’s kind of sad when a web designer doesn’t have a website where he can show off his kung fu.

But the final straw came when I mentioned to Renae that I was tinkering around with some new ideas for Opus. She, in good wifely fashion, put her foot down and insisted that I finish and launch the corporate website before pulling off yet another Opus redesign. Which was very wise of her. And so here it is, the official Red Bicycle website.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get cracking on that new Opus design…

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