“Antichrist” by The Amazing

The latest from the Swedish quintet is filled with dreamily melancholy indie rock.

It takes some serious chutzpah to call yourselves The Amazing, but darn it all if the Swedish quintet doesn’t actually live up to their lofty moniker. For years, they’ve been churning out dreamily melancholy indie rock that recalls the best aspects of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon — minus Mark Kozelek’s toxic solipsism — with some psychedelia thrown in for good measure. (Which isn’t too surprising given that guitarist Reine Fiske also plays in Dungen.)

The band recently released Piggies, their seventh album (and first album in six years). The entire album is incredibly consistent thanks to Christoffer Gunrup’s lilting vocals, the immaculate arrangements, and the intricate guitar work, so it’s hard to highlight a single track. (Kiley Larsen was spot on when he called the album a “pleasant treat.”)

Right now, though, “Antichrist” has been catching my ear with its graceful melodies, haunting textures drifting in the song’s background, and lyrics like “Hollywood just makes me tired/I think of all of them as nasty liars.”

Piggies is currently available via Fashionpolice Records.

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