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Back in the Saddle

Let’s see… I made it back from Sigur Rós in one piece and spent the whole afternoon/evening watching The Lord Of The Rings Special Edition (which finally arrived) and Wild Zero (a crazy Japanese punk rock zombie flick starring Guitar Wolf). All in all, a good day.

I know this is pretty geeky of me, but as I was watching all of the documentaries on the LOTR Special Edition, I was completely blown away by how in-depth and detailed that whole production was (and still is, since there are still two more movies). And yet, watching those behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crew, I was also overwhelmed by how passionate they were about this project and how much it meant to them.

I think that may be why I love that movie so much, and not just because it’s a great story with incredible action and drama. When you see something created by people who are passionate about what they do, who see it as more than just a job but as something close to them, I don’t think you can’t respond to that. You can’t help but be inspired by it, because you see how it’s inspired others.

Oh yeah… and Aragorn kicks butt from here to Rohan.

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