Bandcamp Fridays Will Continue Throughout 2024

Launched during the pandemic, Bandcamp Fridays have become a lifeline for many artists.

Originally launched in March 2020 during the COVID pandemic to support musicians in the absence of live events, etc., Bandcamp Fridays have become a lifeline for many. Waiving their usual platform fees, Bandcamp gives 100% of the profits to musicians and labels, making it a great time to support your favorite artists and maybe even branch out and find something new. (Many artists and labels offer special deals and discounts on Bandcamp Friday.)

Although the pandemic proper might be over, Bandcamp is continuing their program throughout 2024:

We’re happy to announce five more Bandcamp Fridays in 2024. The next Bandcamp Friday is April 5, 2024, followed by our 40th Bandcamp Friday on May 3. After that, Bandcamp Fridays will continue on September 6, October 4, and December 6.

Always remember: Streaming may be more convenient but actually buying their music (and maybe even some merch) remains the very best way to support your favorite musicians.

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