“Better For Me” by Jentl

Written in response to the pandemic, Jentl’s latest single blends shimmering guitars, distorted samples, and soulful vocals.

In a recent Instagram video, Dominique Davis, who records under the Jentl moniker, explains how “Better For Me” came about. Originally written back in 2020 after Davis had moved to San Francisco — just in time for COVID to shut down everything — the song was his attempt to create something upbeat and jovial (his term) in the face of a dark and isolating situation.

Inspired by everything from Cocteau Twins and Autolux to Tame Impala and FKA Twigs, “Better For Me” features shimmery guitar textures and distorted samples paired with Davis’ soulful vocals. At first blush, it sounds a bit incongruous — much like the rest of the Terminal EP — but the song has an undeniable groove, and Davis’ voice is arresting.

Neither of these should come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Davis’ previous project, the soulful industrial outfit Dearling Physique, though Jentl’s music is a good deal smoother and more accessible.

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