“Blitz” by Unwed Sailor

Listen to the first single from the upcoming Truth or Consequences album.

When I spoke with Unwed Sailor’s Johnathon Ford last year about the band’s very excellent Look Alive album, he mentioned that they were already working on a follow-up. The last few years have been incredibly productive for the instrumental post-rock outfit, and their recent discography is proof that sometimes you can have both quantity and quality.

If “Blitz” is any indication, then the upcoming Truth or Consequences looks to continue that trend. Compared to Look Alive’s moody post-punk atmospherics, “Blitz” feels a lot looser, from the breezy acoustic guitar and New Order-ish bassline to the little synth flourishes and layers of percussion — all of which culminate in a lovely, soaring bridge. It’s unmistakably Unwed Sailor, solid and meticulous in its construction.

Spartan Records will release Truth or Consequences on May 11, 2021 on vinyl, CD, cassette, and as a digital download.

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