I spent most of this past weekend celebrating Halloween… and not surprisingly, much of it revolved around movies. On Halloween night, I headed up to Omaha for a little Halloween shindig and a midnight screening of The Evil Dead, which was a total blast. As I’ve said before, I love midnight screenings. You get a crowd at those screenings like no other, and the results are almost always a pure blast.

Then on Saturday, I spent most of the day watching scary movies with friends. As it so happened, a bunch of on-line friends happened to be in Nebraska that day, so I got to see quite a few people. We watch The Innocents (one of my all-time fave creepy movies), Donnie Darko (’nuff said), and Ju-On (again, ’nuff said). It was just a great time, followed by one of those late night, ultra-esoteric discussions that jumps around from the sexual subtext of the movies you just watched to American post-modern culture to Sergie Eisenstein to corporate intrigue to G.K. Chesterton to American Idol.

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend so great; Joel and all of the Omaha kids, Kevin, Melissa, Seth, Chris, Heather, and Nick.

And in case you’re curious, I dressed up as a Crazy 88…

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