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Plenty of cool stuff out there, folks. Here’s some stuff I didn’t have a chance to post over the course of the weekend.

Spirited Away, the latest from Hayao Miyzaki, has been submitted for an Oscar in the “Best Animated Feature Film” category. I had the privilege of seeing this film again over the weekend, and I intend to do so again this week. Pure magic, people, pure magic. And speaking of Miyazaki, I was absolutely thrilled to read this interview.

MonkeyPeaches delivers again with some stunning photos from Hero, which, if you’ve been to Opus at all in the past few months, is one film I’m dying to see. Maggie Cheung (In The Mood For Love, Ashes of Time) looks absolutely radiant in blue.

I was perusing Media Blasters’ website the other day, specifically their “Tokyo Shock” section, when I came across this list. If you look down, you’ll Versus on there! Hopefully, a DVD will be coming out soon, so you can see this awesome film for yourself!

New Order will be releasing a 4-disc boxset spanning their career on December 17. The set, titled Retro, will feature singles, b-sides, remixes, and live performances.

Please, please, please let my Lord of the Rings Special Edition arrive today…

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