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Chandrian Beware: Kvothe Is Coming to Television

This might not happen, but if it does… Watch out Game of Thrones.
(Marc Simonetti)

It shouldn’t be too surprising, given the success of Game of Thrones, that TV networks would be looking to option other celebrated and acclaimed fantasy series. Even so, this is pretty cool: Deadline reports that New Regency Productions and 20th Century Fox Television are working to develop Patrick Rothfuss’ “Kingkiller Chronicle” trilogy into a TV series.

If you haven’t read Rothfuss’ books yet, then you do yourself a favor and get copies of The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear as soon as possible. (The third book, The Doors of Stone, is supposedly due out sometime next year.) Rothfuss’ books are incredibly enjoyable and eminently readable, with a very clever approach to magic and other fantasy concepts, and an endearingly tragic hero and fascinating mysteries at the center of it all.

This may end up going nowhere, but still, given how the money and talent poured into Game of Thrones has resulted in a great deal of success for HBO, I hope this gets greenlit and gets all of the resources needed to do Rothfuss’ story justice.

Via io9.

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