Classical Organist Anna Lapwood on Music, Worship, and Transcendence

The classically trained organist and composer has gone viral for her performances, including one with Bonobo in 2022.

Organist and conductor Anna Lapwood has a pretty impressive resume. She’s Director of Music at Pembroke College (Cambridge), an Associate Artist at London’s Royal Albert Hall, and the first female in almost 600 years to get an organ scholarship at Magdalen College Oxford. Most folks, however, probably know her thanks to several viral performances on social media, particularly this awesome 2022 collaboration with electronic musician Bonobo at the Royal Albert Hall.

Earlier this year, Lapwood sat down with GAS Music’s Greg Owens to discuss that experience and how it challenged her own perspectives on music. The interview also delves into her religious background and musical education and includes some fascinating discussion concerning worship, religious music, and the human need for transcendence regardless of one’s religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

I love this sort of art-meets-religion stuff (for reasons that should be obvious to long-time Opus readers). Lapwood is a delightful interview, and her passion for music and her belief in its necessity and intrinsic value are inspiring.

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