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Update: Looks like Aaron over at Almostcool is quite enamored with Nameless as well… Time to represent, indeed.

Being the good indie-rock kids that you are, I’m sure you probably stopped by Pitchfork at least once this week. And if you did, you might’ve come across their review for Namelessnumberheadman’s Your Voice Repeating, which they gave an 8.7. First up, congrats to the Nameless boys. The recognition is well-deserved, as Your Voice Repeating is all that and more. Alas, being the slacker that I am, I haven’t reviewed it myself, but if I did, I’d probably be gushing over it as well.

You can check out a couple of MP3s for yourself at The Record Machine’s website, or preview it in the iTunes Music Store.

And in other Record Machine news, they recently signed sleepy pop outfit Cheyenne. If you’re into stuff like Damien Jurado or Barzin, than you’ll definitely want to check them out. I’ve known Beau for a couple years, and have seen him play a couple of times, and let me tell you, there’s no one truer or bluer than that guy.

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