Cornerstone 1997: In Closing

There you go. My hits of the festival. I just wish I wouldn’t have had my stupid allergies kick in. I was basically a walking pile of phlegm for a couple days, popping allergy and vitamin pills in a vain attempt to breathe. But through all of the dirt and phlegm and porta potties and rotten egg-smelling showers, Cornerstone still emerges as one of the greatest experiences that I think anyone can have.

Several days of camping with Christians from different backgrounds and lifestyles in a completely non-judgmental, liberated atmosphere… well, there’s something invigorating about it. Once again, it just reaffirms that our God loves diversity in people and diversity is one of the things that Cornerstone is about.

Before I go, I want to send props and big love out to the following people: Juan, Daniel, Nathan, Rachel, Denise, Sydney, Scott, Audra, Dagny, Orlando the werewolf, Joe and Jamie Beard, Kristen and Mike, Don, and any of the other hip cats that I met but may have forgotten. All of you are what Cornerstone 1997 made special to me!

I also want to apologize to the friends I went down with for being a miserable person to have around while my allergies afflicted me. You guys are the greatest!!!

God’s blessings to all…

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