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Cornerstone 2000: In Closing

The day I hate the most finally came, the day when I have to return to real life.

The day I hate the most finally came, the day when I have to return to real life. But it can’t be Cornerstone everyday, nor should it be. We all headed over to the Highway Family Restaurant for the first real meal we’d had in days. French toast had never tasted so good. Afterwards, we played around in the park before saying our inevitable goodbyes.

After a quick prayer for safety and a bunch of hugs, we headed back to the great state of Nebraska. God definitely watched over us on that trip, and we arrived home safe and sound, though tired and delirious. The only real complaint I had about the whole thing was that, by the end of the week, I had 5 canker sores and everything I ate caused my mouth to explode in agony. Ah well… maybe next year I’ll brush my teeth on a more regular basis.

Massive love and props go out to Nolan and Tricia for working their butts off going to shows, taking pictures, videotaping, and conducting interviews.

Shout outs to the Lincoln and Omaha crews: Shiloh, George, Jamon, Grant, Jenn, Melissa, Skye, Heather, Becky, Audrey, Jenn, Eric (use sunscreen next time), Joe, Chad, Melissa, Katie, Emily, and anyone else I might’ve forgotten. To everyone at the Asylum, sorry I didn’t hang out there more. I’ll be there next year.

Props to Bre, Melissa, Steve, Josh, and all of the other Internet friends I got to meet and make.

Special thanks to Shari Lloyd and the Phantom Tollbooth. Also, to those “Johnny On The Spot” guys and the Cornerstone garbage crews, who must have the most thankless jobs in the world. Thanks for doing what you do.

Extra special thanks to all of the bands who let us interview them. Thanks for putting up with a couple of dumb shmucks and being so humble and approachable.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t exist without JPUSA and their ceaseless efforts. And naturally, all glory to the Man Upstairs.

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