Cornerstone 2001: Jason’s Diary, July 2

I woke up quite early, 6:30am or so. Of course, Cornerstone’s infamous time warp struck, and I thought it was about 9:00 or so. After discovering that Nolan is very grumpy early in the morning (I pity his future wife), I set off on a hike around the campgrounds. I’ve been going to Cornerstone for 6 years, and I’d never realized how beautiful some of this campground is.

It spends most of the fest getting trashed by 30,000+ campers, but there is some really lovely country out there, especially by the lake and on some of the backroads. I even hiked around to survey some of the new camping areas (JPUSA had increased the camping area by about 35%), and there were plenty of choice spots that weren’t there before (and believe, I found some fine spots for next year).

I didn’t have a lot to do until that afternoon, when I was going to meet the rest of the Lincoln crew at the gate. Now, I realize that what I did will sound really stupid and silly to a lot of you, but at the time it made sense to me. To make a long story short, I ended up waiting at the front gate for 3 hours, waiting for them to come to rolling in.

Eventually, hot, tired, and pissed off, I traipsed over to my friend Tricia’s site. And wouldn’t you know it, I wasn’t there for more than 15 minutes when I see Shiloh and Clint come walking up. Now, if that’s not irony I don’t know what is. Seems that they got rerouted to the back entrance. And here I was, roasting in the shade and filling my lungs with dust at the front gate.

Oh well… looking back on it, I have to laugh about it. It was just yet another reminder — the first of several this year — that things will always work out. I should’ve realized that from last year’s fest, but it always seems like Someone has to take things out of my hands for them to work.

Now our campsite was starting to take shape and there was nothing more to do than to kick back and relax while we could. The fest started tomorrow, and I knew it would be coming with a vengeance.

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