Cornerstone Festival Goes out in a Blaze of Viking Glory

The influential and beloved Christian arts festival receives an awesome send-off.

The 29th and final Cornerstone Festival ended last week on July 7, 2012. But just how do you say farewell to, and shut down, something as big, influential, and life-changing as Cornerstone Festival? Why, with a Viking funeral, of course. On the festival’s last day, a parade carried a Viking longboat through the festival grounds and down to the lake, where it was placed into the water and set ablaze with a flaming arrow. (Eat your heart out, Burning Man.)

You can watch some of the procession and funeral in this (bittersweet) video, beginning around the 3:55 mark.

It’s sad that Cornerstone Festival has come to close, but it went out in a well-deserved blaze of glory. It will be sorely missed.

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