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Craft CMS in 2019

2019 looks to be just as exciting for Craft as 2018 was, and that’s saying something.
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2018 was a pretty significant year for Craft CMS, what with the release of Craft 3 and all. But it’s good to see that the developers are resting on their laurels. In a blog post from a few weeks ago, Brandon Kelly reflected on 2018’s accomplishments, but more importantly, listed several goals for future development, including support for unit testing and improved accessibility.

But the item that really piqued my curiosity was this:

Content modeling & author experience. Craft has raised the bar on what sort of content challenges an off-the-shelf CMS can handle, with element types, Matrix fields, and flexible relationships. It’s time to raise the bar even higher.

Craft’s Matrix fieldtype is incredibly powerful, and one of Craft’s killer features. I use it all the time here on Opus to build out complex entry layouts. But I’m excited to see how, exactly, Craft will improve the author experience.

Personally, I’d love to see Craft adopt something similar to Statamic’s Bard fieldtype or Ghost’s Koenig editor, i.e., a WYSIWYG editor with the ability to insert content blocks inline that be sorted and reordered within the text. Such an editor would make it even easier for authors like myself to create complex, flexible, content-rich layouts while offering an even more elegant writing experience.

In any case, 2019 looks to be just as exciting for Craft as 2018 was, and that’s saying something.

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