Cyclic Law to Reissue Desiderii Marginis’ Bathe In Black Light

The dark ambient masterpiece will finally be available on CD and vinyl.

Originally self-released in 2021, Bathe In Black Light isn’t just my favorite Desiderii Marginis album to date, it’s also one of my favorite dark ambient albums period. As I wrote in my review:

The usual Desiderii Marginis elements are present — e.g., vast, desolate drones and melancholy synthesizer drift, industrial clangs and clanks, disembodied choirs and monastic chants, a surprising melodicism — and Bathe in Black Light finds them combined in sublime ways that balance adroitly on that too-narrow line between oppressive and otherworldly.

Bathe In Black Light is a compelling and darkly beautiful album that evokes “a sense of desolation so deep and pervasive that it, strangely enough, becomes timeless and majestic.” Until now, however, it’s only been available as a digital download from Desiderii Marginis’ Bandcamp page. But France’s Cyclic Law — one of the most prominent dark ambient labels today — has announced that they’re reissuing Bathe In Black Light on CD and vinyl.

Presumably, this means the album will also become available on streaming platforms. Of course, you should still buy a copy given its status as a dark ambient masterpiece.

Cyclic Law’s Bathe In Black Light reissue will be released on May 3, 2024.

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