“Dark Valleys” by Solara Obscura

Ashkelon Sain’s latest serves as a showcase for his moody-yet-elegant arrangements and guitar textures.

Ashkelon Sain is one of the goth/darkwave scene’s leading guitarists thanks to his involvement in numerous projects like Soriah, Devoured by Flowers, and of course, Trance to the Sun. His latest project, Solara Obscura, is certainly of a piece with his other projects. But in this case, “more of the same” is a very good thing.

A perfect showcase for his moody-yet-elegant arrangements and guitar textures, “Dark Valleys” unfolds over the course of eight minutes. Sparse piano melodies, sheets of distorted guitar, and buzzing synths combine to form dark instrumental passages before finally giving way to a graceful denouement that’s some of the most contemplative music Sain has recorded to date. But of course, since this is Ashkelon Sain we’re talking about, it’s still plenty haunting and otherworldly.

“Dark Valleys” is the first single from an upcoming album titled Visible From Space, release date TBA.

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