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Den of Geek reviews Sherlock’s “A Scandal In Belgravia”

Louisa Mellor caught a preview screening of the first episode of Sherlock season 2:

“Don’t be boring” Holmes tells a witness in A Scandal in Belgravia, the first episode of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ second three-part BBC series. That seems to have been the mantra adopted by Sherlock’s creators in this massively-anticipated follow-up to series one, because boring it is not.

Clever, funny, cheeky, dark, complex, and visually imaginative yes, but boring? Not for a minute.

A Scandal in Belgravia is what happens when an already great show gets a well-deserved confidence boost. Working on series one, Moffat and Gattiss must have had the inkling that they had something special on their hands, but no idea how warmly Sherlock would be welcomed by the viewing public, or how eagerly awaited a follow-up would be.

Last time around, Sherlock was something of a punt. This time, Moffat and Gattiss have their audience, and they don’t half know it. If that sounds cocky, it’s because it is, and that’s no criticism. Cockiness is so typical a Holmesian trait the character practically wrote the monograph on it, so what better approach could the show’s creators take?

Sherlock’s second season is easily some of the most anticipated TV programming at Opus HQ. The first season — which is currently available via Netflix streaming — was simply stellar (read my review).

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