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Details leaked about Destiny, Bungie’s post-Halo project

IGN recently received some leaked materials containing story details and artwork for Bungie’s follow-up to the massively popular Halo franchise. (Bungie sold the rights to Halo to Microsoft when they parted ways in 2007.)

According to the document, “Our story begins seven hundred years from now in the Last City on Earth, in a Solar System littered with the ruins of man’s Golden Age. A massive, mysterious alien ship hangs overhead like a second Moon. No one knows where it came from or what it’s here for, but only that it’s our protector. Meanwhile, strange, alien monsters creep in from the edge of the universe, determined to take Earth and the Last City. We are young knights’ tasked with defending the remains of humanity, discovering the source of these monsters and — eventually — overcoming it.”

The first installment of the game, which is aiming to “create a universe as deep, tangible and relatable as that of the Star Wars franchise,” will be released in Fall 2013, which subsequent releases and update packs released on a yearly basis through 2020.

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