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Dreamland Recordings

If you’ve read through the reviews and blog entries here on Opus over the past few months, you might have noticed that I’ve become somewhat fixated on various netlabels, such as Thinner/Autoplate, Subsource, and Archaic Horizon, to name but a few. Well go ahead and add another to that (growing) list: Australia’s Dreamland Recordings.

Dreamland’s motto is “Experimental, ambient audio & beyond…,” and so it shouldn’t come as much of surprise that much of the label’s output is in the more atmospheric ends of the musical spectrum. Ambient/dark-ambient, shoegazer, glitch, dub, post-rock… if it’s billowy and swooshy in its sonic nature, chances are there’s a Dreamland release that does it.

Dreamland isn’t a “pure” net-label, so to speak. They — or rather, he, as Dreamland is run by Zac Keiller — began as a “burn on demand” label, releasing CD-R’s of music by such artists as If Thousands, Screwtape, Rondel Kilgore & Heath Yonaites (whose Damaged Lethal Harmonies I reviewed a few years ago), Stellarscope, and Aidan Baker (full CD-R list).

However, much of the label’s output is in the form of MP3 releases. Almost 40 have been released so far, and all of them can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. I’ve only begun making my way through the releases over the past few days, but I’ve already found some wonderful releases.

Note: I plan to update this list occasionally as I make my way through Dreamland’s catalog.

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