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Drew McWeeny reviews Watchmen

Drew McWeeny reviews Watchmen:

[M]ore than anything, what I found most bracing about the experience of finally seeing this onscreen is that it pushes the genre further than it’s ever been pushed before. It demands more of viewers than any superhero movie previously released. It sets up a moral question at the end of the film that can’t be easily answered, and it doesn’t even try. It expects you to have your own reaction, and it treats viewers like adults, a rarity from any Hollywood film, much less one featuring characters with names like Nite Owl and Hooded Justice. And, amazingly, it works as a movie. It has its own rhythm, taking its time to lay out this complicated story, but it constantly delights with details both small and grand, and the cumulative impact is far more emotional than I would have expected. This isn’t a case of a film being “good enough,” and I’m not “just glad there’s some version of it finally.” It is a triumph, a movie that amazes on its own terms, and a major jump forward for Snyder as a filmmaker. He’s on a very short list now of guys I would trust with world-building on an epic scale, and from this point forward, whatever Snyder’s got in store for us, I’m onboard.

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