I was putting together a list of records that I was looking forward to in 2004, with Bark PsychosisCodename:Dustsucker near the top of the list. Swinging by the Fire Records website to get some more info, I was practically beside myself to find that not only has a release date been announced (March 22), but they also have two songs available for listening — “Rose” and “Shapeshifting.”

Both tracks are quite nice, but “Rose” is extraordinary. Beginning with a stark, exotic guitar melody reminiscent of David Sylvian’s ultra-sparse Blemish, the song slowly allows organs, strings, and shimmering keys to begin filtering in underneath. Soon, the song has become a gorgeous organ-and-string denouement that seamlessly bridges the 10 years that have elapsed since Bark Psychosis’ last album, 1994’s criminally obscure Hex.

Needless to say, if I was eagerly awaiting the album before, I’m dying to hear it now. I’m still not crazy on the album title, though…

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