Elsewhere, 3/6

Philip Yancey talks about his accident on February 25, 2007: No one raised in the kind of church environment I grew up in totally leaves behind the acrid smell of fire and brimstone, but I felt an overwhelming sense of trust in God. I have come to know a God of compassion and mercy and love. I have no clue what heaven or an afterlife will be like but I felt sustained by that trust. OK, the morphine drip was beginning to kick in too! I didn’t even know this happened, but I’m thankful Yancey’s okay. What’s So Amazing About Grace? and Reaching For The Invisible God are books that, for lack of a better cliché, changed my life.

Jimmy Akin takes on James Cameron’s recent claims of having found the tomb of Jesus: The fact that nothing like Cameron’s version was recorded by anybody — including those hostile to the Church who would want to discredit it — underscores the utter implausibility of the whole idea.

Pitchfork reviews the new Arcade Fire album, Neon Bible: Angry, embittered, and paranoid, but often generously empathetic in their points of view, they target the government, the church, the military, the entertainment industry, and even the basest instincts of the common man.

Also from the Fork, the first in a series of interviews with Björk concerning her new album, Volta, which comes out May 7: …all I wanted to do for this album was just to have fun and do something that was full-bodied and really up.

45 Fresh, Clean and Impressive Designs: I’m a sucker for a good website background, and there are some doozies in this list. However, some of the designs on the list look a little too familiar, if you know what I mean.

Five Principles To Design By: As Saint Exupery said, A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.’ Simplicity is treading a line: knowing what to keep and what to throw away…it comes across as magic when it works, because none of the complexity is transferred to users…only simplicity. That is the highest achievement for a designer.

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