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Elsewhere, 4/13

Remember that James Cameron documentary that claimed to have found the tomb of Jesus? The one that had all of those experts weighing in on the matter? Well, those same experts are now backtracking and refuting the film’s claims.

Pitchfork loves the new Twilight Sad album: “As exhilarating as Fourteen Autumns is at its most anthemic, the vividness of the lyrical themes ultimately carries the record over. If one were to consider only the widescreen sound while scanning the titles, you might think the Twilight Sad were overwrought and sappy, another example of a band overly concerned with childhood, too young to know how good they really had it. But that’s not the way these songs come across at all.”

Greg Wright interviews the folks behind Hot Fuzz: “One of the messages of Hot Fuzz, says Pegg, is: Don’t be ashamed to appreciate a fireworks display. It doesn’t all have to be high art. You can also enjoy low culture. You don’t walk away from a fireworks display and say, “That was rubbish. There was no subtext.“ ‘”

Jeffrey Overstreet is going to be watching Andrei Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice and is asking for folks to join in the discussion. My review of The Sacrifice, which is one of my favorite Tarkovsky films, can be found here.

Sigh… once again, Lincoln’s own Rococo Theatre — which could be the coolest venue in the city — proves to be a mismanaged waste of space. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that the Rococo has attempted to screw over the artists performing there, and I doubt it will be the last — and Lincoln is left all the poorer for it.

The video for Blonde Redhead’s “23” is a lovely thing indeed.

Boring Machines reviews Yellow6’s Painted Sky.

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