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Elsewhere, 4/17

The A.V. Club interviews Low: “I have a hard time calling [Drums And Guns] a political or social statement; I feel like it’s kind of beyond that. It’s more questions like, what is man, and who are we that we kill ourselves and kill each other and wreck everything, and is there any way to get beyond that? Is there any way to answer that, and is there any way to go beyond it if there is no answer?”

Methinks the Sydney Anglican review of Neon Bible misses the point: “As the title Neon Bible might suggest, Arcade Fire have their sights firmly set on Christianity. Or at least, certain expressions of Christianity. The lyricists equate Christianity with organised religion, narrow-minded people and the nationalistic pride that drives the USA establishment.”

Christianity Today reviews Joy Electric’s The Otherly Opus: “…it seems like Martin would be better off crafting electronic pop more current, polished, and enjoyable. He’s poetic, creative, he understands melodies, and his collaboration with brother Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) on The Brothers Martin proves he’s capable of more.” I don’t know if I could disagree more — here’s my review.

Some of these are so on the money, it’s scary: 25 Reasons You Might Be A Hardcore Graphic/Web Designer. My wife can attest to just how true #6 is.

Lately, I’ve been wondering just what it means to be both a Christian and a web designer. Does my faith impact my work? Should it impact my work? And if so, how? What does that look like? Naturally, Mr. Andy Whitman jots down a few thoughts that A) raise a few more questions in my mind, and B) make me wonder why I even write in the first place, he’s that good.

Speaking of Mr. Whitman, here’s a brilliant and thought-provoking post in light of the recent tragedy that took place at Virginia Tech: “I thought about writing many things. I ended up writing none of them. At various points yesterday I wanted to smash my head against the TV set or curl into a ball and cry. Instead I prayed. That is, until I talked to my daughter at Kent State last night.”

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