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Elsewhere, 4/24

Panic, the folks behind the wonderful FTP client Transmit, have just released Coda, an all-in-one web development app (Gruber has more, as does Panic’s own Steven Frank). Haven’t had a chance to play with it myself, but I hope to; it looks lovely.

Shiira 2.0 — the latest version of the Japanese browser built using Apple’s WebKit — has officially been released. My earlier reviews of Shiira can be found here and here.

I’ve never really made a secret of my affection for jQuery, a lightweight-yet-powerful JavaScript library. The folks behind jQuery are currently working on a book entitled, appropriately enough, Learning jQuery. It’s due out in July, and will most certainly be taking its spot on my bookshelf.

ExpressionEngine — one of my other geeky loves right now — gets a 4.7 out of 5 review: “ExpressionEngine is an incredible web publishing tool surrounded by growing and passionate community of users and developers. Like all software, it’s not going to be right for every project, but it’s flexible enough to be used for many different types of website.”

“Semantics — Why Bother?” is an excellent overview of the beauties of semantic markup: “When marking up new content, your first thought should be What kind of content is this phrase?’ and not What does this say?’ or How should it look?’ Concentrate on describing the content by applying the correct semantic markup first. Examine every piece of text on a page to determine what type of content it is and how best to convey that through markup.”

Greg Wright on Hot Fuzz: “While Hot Fuzz is not intended as a parody — and doesn’t play like one — there’s no question that even the violence is a gentle send-up of horror and cop genre conventions. Yes, there are thousands of rounds fired in those climactic sequences; there are bloody fistfights, car chases, and gory skewerings. But monitor the deathcount as those scenes proceed and you’ll find that all this violence is awfully good natured.”

Speaking of Hot Fuzz, The A.V. Club interviews Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost: “In a weird way, riffing on genres is kind of a reaction to formula. When you watch so much of the programmers and the films that you just think you’ve seen before, it’s kind of going back to the well in terms of trying to conjure up the spirit of what made you excited about films in the first place.”

Silber On Silber is a 29-track compilation of Silber artists covering other Silber artists. Plumerai, Vlor, Remora, Rivulets, Jessica Bailiff — they’re all there. And best of all, the entire compilation is free for the download.

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