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Elsewhere, 4/9

LittleRadio’s “A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns” is their guide to the best shoegaze albums. The obvious ones (MBV, Slowdive, Ride) are on there, and it’s nice to see Starflyer 59 and lovesliescrushing get some love as well (though I’d have picked Silver and Glissceule, respectively, myself)

Danny Boyle is one of my fave directors, and interviews like this one prove why. It’s relatively short, but there’s some really good stuff concerning Boyle’s upcoming sci-fi film, Sunshine, like this bit: “Directors only ever do one space movie — unless you’re contractually obliged to do a sequel, that is. It’s enough for a lifetime, believe me, they’re absolutely horrific. It’s partly because the great sci-fi films are of such a high standard. There aren’t that many of them made and you have to try and hit that level, because if you don’t then, you know, it’s Mission To Mars or something awful like that.”

Godbit interviews Leslie Camacho: “We feel that forcing developers to write documentation yields better code, better docs, and a better application/framework. Writing about how you do something often changes your perspective in a positive way. If it’s too complicated to write in plain English then chances are something needs to be improved in the code, interface, and/or the functionality. Thats not always true, but its a good starting point.” Camacho is VP of EllisLab, the creators of ExpressionEngine.

Want to join the wonderfully wierd world of blogging, but not quite sure you have the time or energy to maintain a blog? Maybe you should give tumblelogging a try. Tumblr is a free tumblelogging tool a la Blogger or WordPress.

Watch Luke Savisky’s video for “Apreludes (In C Sharp Major)”, one of the loveliest tracks on the latest Stars of the Lid release. I’ve been listening to And Their Refinement of the Decline with some frequency over the last week or so, and it’s a lovely album indeed.

Jeffrey Overstreet on recent releases by Arcade Fire (“the most arresting, essential rock band in the world right now”), The Innocence Mission (“faithful friends who know how to restore my spirit”), and more.

Vagrant Cafe is currently discussing the “greatest songs of all time that no one ever talks about as being the greatest.”

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