Elsewhere, 6/16

Jeff Weiss has put together a list of “Dope Ass Theme Songs and Opening Sequences from Eighties Action Dramas”: Honestly, outside of basketball and the occasional Colbert Report/Daily Show combo, I hardly ever watch television. And that’s because… most of the shit on Television these day’s is terrible. Everyone is so caught up with reality shows and high brow criminal forensics/CIA operations/operating room dramas to remember the days of the eighties action drama. I couldn’t agree more. Someday, I plan to write an extensive entry about how the eighties were the best decade to be a prepubescent boy, and a discussion of shows like “The A-Team” will be a major component of it.

EllisLab has released a few details on the imminent release of ExpressionEngine 1.6, as well as a fun contest.

Those crafty devils at Wired got their mitts on a copy of Leopard (aka OS X 10.5): First impressions: Even though the code isn’t final, Leopard already looks very sleek — the reflective dock, translucent menu bar and deeper drop shadows behind active windows give the desktop more space-aged gloss. The comments are an amusing read; it’s amazing what people will get all bent out of shape for these days.

A trailer for There Will Be Blood, the latest from P.T. Anderson (Magnolia, Punchdrunk Love), has surfaced on YouTube. It doesn’t show a lot — just a random collection of scenes with some voiceover — but it’s haunting nevertheless. Via

Wow… Ratatouille isn’t even out yet and already there’s a teaser trailer for Pixar’s next film, Wall•E. If you want proof of Pixar’s genius, just watch it — incredibly simple, and yet oh so affecting. As for Wall•E’s plot, you can find some details of the potentially spoilerific variety here.

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