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I was perusing an older issue of The Brain when I saw that Epic45 had a new EP scheduled for release earlier this month (it’s since been pushed back to the 20th due to a printing error). For whatever reason, Epic45 has always been on the periphery of my listening experience, running along with such esteemed company as July Skies and Hood. And yet for some reason, I’ve never gotten around to actually picking up one of their releases.

Which is a shame because the MP3s over on 3Hive are quite gorgeous. “Secret Maps of England” is especially lovely, it’s mournful violin/guitar interplay and booming drums the perfect soundtrack for a rainy day journey through dour English countrysides.

More info on Epic45’s previous releases can be found over on the Where Are My Records site. The official Epic45 website can be found here, but it’s currently undergoing a redesign.

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