Epic45’s New Album, Weathering

Weathering - epic45

Update (March 26): You can stream Weathering in its entirety and download the album from Epic45’s Bandcamp page. Also, you can hear Epic45 discuss their new album in MakeMineMusic’s podcast.

Epic45’s new album is titled Weathering and it will be released later this week (if you pre-order it from Norman Records). Or, if you live in Japan, you can order it already from Thomason Sound. Otherwise, it will be released in May.

Weathering is Epic45’s seventh album, following 2009’s Steps To Further Winter (released by Wayside And Woodland Recordings as a tour-only CDR). Although Epic45 is, at its core, the duo of Ben Holton and Rob Glover, they’ve put together an impressive list of collaborators for Weathering, including Stephen Jones (Babybird), Antony Harding (July Skies), Richard Adams (The Declining Winter, Hood), and The Remote Viewer, to name a few.

Two songs from the album — “The Village Is Asleep” and “Summer Message” — can be streamed below, and not surprisingly, they’re quite lovely. I’m especially enamored with “The Village Is Asleep”, a very fine low-key piece of meandering, elegiac nostalgist post-rock that is quite fitting for these cooler days of early spring.

Here’s the complete tracklisting for Weathering:

  1. People Say This Place is Slowly Dying
  2. The Village is Asleep
  3. Evening Silhouettes
  4. With Our Backs to the City
  5. Summer Message
  6. Afternoon, Shadowed
  7. The Weather is Not Your Friend
  8. These Walks Saved Us
  9. Ghosts I Have Known
  10. Weathering
  11. Washed Up
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