Ester Drang Reissues ‘Infinite Keys,’ Announces Plans for New Music

The first Ester Drang song in nearly a decade will be released in February 2016.
Ester Drang Band 2014

Back in 2009, I wrote a lament for Ester Drang. After releasing a trio of excellent shoegazer/indie-rock albums, and performing several of the best concerts I’d ever seen, the band seemed destined for obscurity. Drummer James McAllister joined Sufjan Stevens’ band of musical merrymakers, as did guitarist/keyboardist Jeff Shoop. Meanwhile, vocalist/guitarist Bryce Chambers had formed Native Lights, which released its debut album last year.

However, as I wrote in my 2016 music preview, some recent activity on the band’s Facebook feed indicated new activity on the horizon, and today, the Drang made two announcements.

First, they’ll be reissuing 2003’s Infinite Keys on vinyl for the first time, this time on Passive Recordings (who released the Native Lights debut). Remastered from the original album master, Infinite Keys will be released in a limited vinyl run of 300: 100 black, 100 white, and 100 clear (pre-order here). The vinyl is expected to ship in April 2016.

Second, in February, they’ll be releasing the first new Ester Drang song in a decade, with promises of more to come: “Our fans have been so patient, and the time has finally come for new music to be released. We will be releasing more new music in the new year as well as playing shows, so stay tuned!”

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