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Et Cetera and Miscellany

I didn’t get to make all of the updates that I had planned to this past weekend, for various reasons. However, new album reviews will be going up this weekend, once I get all of the editing finished. That will probably be the last big update until I return from Cornerstone, when we’ll be going medieval on y’all with all sorts of Cornerstone goodies.

In other news… Shari Lloyd, the editor of the Phantom Tollbooth, was recently hit by a car and is currently in the hospital with a fractured hip and a broken tailbone, among other things. Be sure to keep her in your prayers and thoughts, and check out some of her hard work on the ol’ Tollbooth.

This past Sunday was Father’s Day, so I hoofed it up to Omaha to hang with my dad and brother. Ah, there’s nothing like watching TV and gorging oneself on pizza with the menfolk. For better or worse, much of the person I am today is thanks to my Dad, who has always been a great example of what it means to be a Godly man of integrity and honesty.

On Monday, The Elevator Division and Jonathon Smith came up and played a show with Tie These Hands. It was the first show I’ve ever put on, and it probably showed. The turnout wasn’t too great, but I had a terrific time hanging out with The Elevator Division. It was the first time we’d ever met, and yet we stayed up until 2:00am talking about The Cure, being in a band, and Wesley Willis. Yeah… life can be real good sometimes.

That’s about all there is from this end of the world. I’ll be working long into the night this weekend, trying to get as much up on the site as possible before I head down to Cornerstone. It should be fun.

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