Fake Noise From a Box of Toys

What a way to kick off a Tuesday morning — a new track from the forthcoming Autumns’ album!

While previous Autumns songs have been firmly within the shoegazer tradition, with all manner of swirly, heavily effected guitars and Matthew Kelly’s effortless croon, “Boy” is quite a different beast altogether. It’s much more straightforward and — dare I say — aggressive rock n’ roll. Which is quite a contrast to “traditional” Autumns output, which tends to be more content with being all wistful and pining away.

Honestly, I’m still not quite sure what I think of it. Unless I knew better, I’d guess it was a different band altogether (though the more I listen, the more I pick up on a few familiar elements). I don’t know what this bodes for the new album, though. You can also listen to another new track called “Clem” on the band’s MySpace page, which might be a little more familiar for longtime fans (though it still changes things up a bit).

The new full-length, entitled Fake Noise From a Box of Toys, will be released here in the U.S. on October 9 by Bella Union.

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