I think that, ever since I found out that My Favorite was breaking up, I’ve subconsciously been looking for a band to fill that particular hole. But I probably never thought much about it because it seemed an impossible task. My Favorite, with their beautiful blend of The Smiths and New Order, their witty lyrics full of cynicism and naivete, left some pretty big shoes to fill. Or so I thought until I heard “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” by Edmonton’s Faunts.

The song has it all: breezy, jangly guitars, lovely synth treatments, plaintive vocals, and a wistful mood you can cut with a knife (or just choose to bask in on a lazy afternoon). But a song like “Instantly Loved” and “Will You Tell Me Then” shows the quartet is just as adept at crafting darker, edgier sounds a la Radiohead’s OK Computer. More songs can be heard on the band’s website: just click on the “Music” tab to get to the streaming audio player.

The band’s debut, High Expectations/Low Results, is available from Friendly Fire Recordings. Thanks to Mystery & Misery for the head’s up.

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