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Fear Falls Burning

Even after all of these years, Vidna Obmana’s The River of Appearances remains one of my favorite ambient albums. Regardless of whether I’m working, trying to go to sleep, fighting off a migraine, or whatever I’m doing, the CD’s gentle, melodic atmospherics serves as perfect background music.

I was just cruising through various label websites, trying to get the skinny on upcoming releases and whatnot, and saw a mention of Fear Falls Burning on Staalplaat’s site. Turns out, Fear Falls Burning is a Vidna Obmana alter-ego. While Vidna Obmana employs delicate synthwork, ethnic percussion, and impressionistic soundscapes, Fear Falls Burning focuses on “vintage guitar drones”. Or to be more exact, “real-time performances on the electric guitar without post-productive editing or additional overdubs in relation to vintage and contemporary guitar pedal effects”.

Fear Falls Burning’s 2-disc debut, He Spoke In Dead Tongues, will be released here in the States August 30th on Projekt Records. A self-released tour CD titled First By A Whisper, Then By A Storm is currently available. Two Windows Media clips can be found on the Fear Falls Burning website (but right now, only the first one is working).

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