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“Film on Paper” May Be the Best Movie Poster Website of All Time

If you’re a fan of movie posters, than Film On Paper is your new favorite website.
Trainspotting Poster

If you’re any sort of film buff, than chances are, you’ve got a favorite film poster or two that you’d love to hang, in all of its glory, in your living room, office, or home theatre. Thus, I can only imagine what Eddie Shannon’s residence looks like. Shannon is the owner of Film On Paper, an online gallery of original film posters that recently launched. As Shannon describes it:

After two years of preparation, I am very proud and excited (and a bit nervous) to finally reveal this personal project to the world. Film on Paper was created because I decided I wanted to photograph my collection of original film posters and share them with a wider audience. The site represents 17 years worth of collecting and features posters from all genres as well as several countries, multiple sizes and various formats.

Film On Paper is a true labor of love, and it shows: the site currently boasts nearly 1,500 posters representing over 900 films, along with copious photos, notes, and background information. In other words, make sure you’ve got a spare hour or three before you visit the site.

Trainspotting poster photo by Eddie Shannon. I chose this poster because an old roommate had one like it from a visit to England, and it hung in our house’s TV room for the longest time.

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