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Going Mobile

This is something that I’ve been sitting on for awhile now, but I might as well release it into the wild and see how it does: I’ve developed a mobile version of Opus that is optimized for cellphones and other mobile devices. Admittedly, the only web-capable mobile device I own is an iPod Touch, so as far as I know, the site looks horrible in other devices. But that’s why I’m putting it out there — I’d love for folks to take a look at it, kick the tires, etc.

This was the first real mobile site that I’ve ever built, and it was a fun challenge and experiment. Mobile site design requires a different way of thinking about site design and organization than “normal” web design and I don’t pretend to be an expert on the topic. But with mobile devices becoming more powerful and sophisticated all the time — I’m pretty blown away by my iPod’s capabilities — mobile web design is something that web developers simply can’t ignore if they desire to stay on the cutting edge of their profession.

As for the technical details on how, exactly, I built the site, I didn’t use ExpressionEngine’s Multiple Site Manager. Rather, I used a technique laid out in this article by Jamie Pittock. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward method, and having gone through it once, I see a lot of potential for other projects.

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