“Golden Air” by Sun’s Signature

Listen to the first new music from Elizabeth Fraser in 13 years.

Back in February, I wrote that Elizabeth Fraser would be releasing an EP with her new band, Sun’s Signature. The video for the EP’s first single, “Golden Air,” is full of pastoral and natural imagery that definitely feels of a piece with the song’s laidback groove, which recalls vintage Spiritualized. (Damon Reece, who is Fraser’s partner and the other half of Sun’s Signature, previously played drums in Spiritualized.)

What’s most remarkable, though it should really come as no surprise whatsoever, is that Fraser’s voice remains as singular and distinctive as ever — particularly on the song’s soaring, psychedelic climax. Though a far cry from the otherworldly soundscapes heard on classic Cocteau Twins albums, “Golden Air” is still a showcase for Fraser’s voice, which floats and flutters with preternatural grace.

Sun’s Signature’s self-titled EP will be released on June 18 by Partisan Records. Slicing Up Eyeballs has more information, including the EP’s various collaborators.

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