“Heat Haze” by Pye Corner Audio

Pye Corner Audio’s vintage synth arrangements make for a very haunting and beguiling experience.

The latest album from Martin Jenkins’ Pye Corner Audio, titled The Endless Echo, is inspired by “scientific and science-fictional notions about the nature of time and the idea that it may be entirely unreal.” That’s a pretty heady concept, and to explore it, Jenkins employs all manner of otherworldly-sounding synth arpeggios, rhythms, and grooves throughout the album’s sixteen songs.

Although it’s one of The Endless Echo’s shorter tracks, “Heat Haze” best captures the album’s concept about unreal time thanks to its haunting synth arrangements. And yet, for all of their ominous-ness, there’s also something strangely beautiful and affecting about the sounds that Jenkins generates, which help make The Endless Echo yet another solid entry into the illustrious Ghost Box catalog. If you’ve enjoyed Stranger Things’ vintage synth scores, then Pye Corner Audio’s latest is absolute must-hear material.

The Endless Echo is currently available via Ghost Box Records.

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