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Hopper, P.I. Is the Only Stranger Things Spin-Off We Need

Behold Hopper and his Hawaiian shirt in action.

My wife and I are still finishing up season 3 of Stranger Things, and I’ve got to be honest: so far, Jim Hopper hasn’t been our favorite. In previous seasons, the character was the perfect mix of gruff and tender-hearted, a big ol’ teddy bear beneath the mustache, cigarette smoke, and dad bod. But so far in season 3, the character seems off, his gruffness over-the-top and even borderline abusive.

That being said, there’s something glorious about Hopper in a Hawaiian shirt, and it brings to mind a similarly mustachioed TV icon who also had a penchant for colorful shirts. And this is where the internet steps in, and gifts us with the above magnificence.

I’m not saying that we need a TV show about an ’80s P.I. in Hawkins, Indiana. But if such a show were to exist, it’d probably look like this — and I’d probably watch the heck out of it.

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