“I Carry the Sun” by Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

The enigmatic band releases their first pop single in preparation for their upcoming album.

Two words I never thought I’d associate with the enigmatic Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus are “pop single.” But here we are in 2020, and here’s an honest to goodness pop song from the Army. Sort of. It’s still shot through with the usual sense of the numinous that makes the group’s music so alluring and beguiling in the first place.

I Carry the Sun” — along with its lovely b-side, “Falling” (which is more in-line with a “traditional” RAIJ song) — is a precursor to the group’s upcoming album, Songs of Yearning, which will be released by Occultation Recordings later this year. Both of these tracks, however, will be on the limited edition Nocturnes album that will be released alongside Songs of Yearning.

Sadly, Songs of Yearning will be the final RAIJ album featuring founding member Jon Egan. In a Facebook announcement, Egan mentions that “constraints of geography and life circumstances” have made it increasingly difficult for him to continue with the Army. “I am certain that RAIJ will continue to make original and inspiring music,” Egan writes, “but not in a way, or through a creative process, where I can offer complete or faithful commitment.” Instead, he’ll be working on new artistic ventures with “other faith-inspired artists, explorers and prospectors.”

No release date has been set for Songs of Yearning or Nocturnes.

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