Insides’ “Ghost Music” Is the Ambient Pop Duo’s First New Song in 16 Years

And it picks right up where their masterpiece, 1993’s Euphoria, left off.

Just when I think I’ve seen all of the great post-rock/dream-pop bands emerging from the woodwork to release new material, I come across yet another one — and I have to say, this one really took me by surprise.

Insides — the duo of vocalist Kirsty Yates and instrumentalist Julian Tardo — put out some truly under-appreciated music in the ’90s, specifically the gorgeous album Euphoria (1993, 4AD). Evoking shades of Bark Psychosis and Cocteau Twins, Euphoria blended shimmery guitars and electronics with deeply confessional tales of love and romance that still makes for a gripping listen, even after all these years.

But following 2000’s Sweet Tip, Insides broke up. Aside from re-releasing several records by their previous incarnation Earwig, Insides was essentially defunct, or so I thought. But I was wrong… blessedly wrong. In July of 2016, the duo released the above video for “Ghost Music,” their first new song in 16 years… and it picks up right where Euphoria left off.

“Ghost Music” is short but sweet, beginning with Yates’ sad, sultry voice drifting amidst layers of buzzing electronics, dreamy tones, and echoing beats. (Her lyrics are as pointed as ever: “If you make your mind up, too/Turn your back on truth/I’ll have to fight you.”) Sparse, elegant piano and guitar notes come sweeping in right around the half-way point, adding to the song’s emotional layers.

As for the video, it consists of loops of footage the duo originally used during the Euphoria tour, combined with footage of the duo as they look today. The juxtaposition of young and old, of the past and the present, creates a rather haunting-yet-unsettling effect… which is right in keeping with the duo’s music. And if the duo’s Twitter account is any indication, more new music is in the works:

Nothing definite’s been announced, but the hints are definitely tantalizing.

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