“It’s Over Now” by Tor Lundvall (Official Music Video)

The hand-painted video was produced to mark the vinyl release of 2004’s Last Light.

Originally released on New Year’s Eve of 2004 as a hand-numbered CD, Tor Lundvall’s Last Light is getting released on vinyl for the first time next month by Dais Records. To mark the occasion, Lundvall produced and animated this video for “It’s Over Now,” which accents the song’s melancholy atmosphere and existential lyrics with Lundvall’s trademark moody artwork, which is filled with surreal and nightmarish imagery.

The process of creating this animated video was very old school. It took about two months of continuous work to complete. I hand painted each individual frame with oils on small pieces of primed paper. After I photographed each frame, I’d rub down certain elements with a rag and work over other areas in order to create a sequence of movements. Nothing was pre-planned. No storyboard was used. The imagery flowed spontaneously and naturally, although I kept the lyrics in mind while I painted each sequence.

The vinyl edition of Last Light will be released on November 10, 2023.

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